martedì 10 marzo 2015

Bimota HB1

Foto: Facebook (Classic Bike Magazine)

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Silas Ginn ha detto...

Interesting to note the DOHC CB750F/CB900F '80-'82 fork on this bike. With '79-'80-'81 calipers & GL1000 276mm rotors. Probably/hopefully, upgraded to the 39mm or at least 37mm fork tubes rather than the 35mm - same diameter as SOHC. Had to be a reason for it, and they do look a bit beefier. The distinction being that it's very likely from the late end of the DOHC series rather than the beginning. Most of the '79 vintage forks had the ribs fore & aft, but I guess there were still some thinner 35mm forks without the ribs circa 1980 or '81, from the CB750FA/CB750FB etc. ANYWAY yeah, for all of you purists out there, who wouldn't touch our superior DOHC parts with a three foot hard-chromed hollow steel pole, I say look to THIS bike - It's a very smart upgrade when you think about it, whether it's period-correct or not!



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